Bharat Shikshan
Course List of Graduation and total courses is : 63

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering is one of the oldest and Largest branch of this course applies the principles of engineering and physics,material science for design of structures operation and maintenance of mechanical systems.

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME) is a 4-year license program which is controll... Know More

B.Tech (Chemical Technology)

Undergraduate degree program in Chemical Engineering focuses on providing theory and practical knowledge in the design, development, operation and maintenance of the processes related to chemical engineering and technology. This course insists on promoting students' innovative capacity

B.Tech Cosmetic

Cosmetic Technology is a Science of making cosmetics,Cosmetic Technology is a 4 year degree course at under graduate level. this course gives an training in cosmetic formulation, manufacture, analysis, marketing. This course gives complete knowledge about  to cosmetics.

B.Text. (Man Made Textile Technology)

Clothing in today's fashion world plays an important role because costumes reflect the personality of those people. Textile Engineering is that engineering discipline, which is related to the fabrication of textiles. Textile engineering is also known as textile technology. Textile engineers can a... Know More

B.Text. (Textile Plant Engineering)

Bachelor of Text. (Textile Plant Engineering) is undergraduate level course. This  Course duration is four years , Bachelor of Text. (Textile Plant Engineering) is specialization course in B.E.(Textile) .The candidate should have passed in 10+2 or equivalanet with science in any recognized b... Know More

B.Text. (Textile Technology)

B.Text Textile- Textile is a highly specialized field that applies the principles of chemistry to the production of textiles.In the textile industry, chemists work in research and development, modification, technical services, environmental testing, and dyeing.Textile engineers can also get attra... Know More

Bachelor in Textile Engineering (Fashion Tech.)

Bachelor in Textile Engineering (Fashion Tech) gives you a lot of scope so that you can develop your talents, they are technical, creative or professional. The degree program starts with giving you comprehensive information about all the fabrics. Bachelor in Fashion Technology is... Know More

Bachelor of Architecture (B. Arch.)

The Bachelor of Architecture (B. Arch.) is a bachelor's degree course.

It contains subjects for designing and construction of building bridges or other type of projects in construction field.The Architecture is the art of designing,planning, and constructing buildings and other physica... Know More

Bachelor of Architecture (Construction Management)

Construction management-in this course student learn the basics of commercial and residential construction in addition to the direction, planning and supervisory skills. Duration of construction management course can be 2 or 4 years.
This program is a vocationally orientated commercial and t... Know More

B.E./B.Tech Textile Chemistry

Textile Chemistry is a very specialized area that applies to the principles of chemistry for the production of textiles. The study of textile chemistry starts with the knowledge of both natural and artificial fibers. There are two types of textile chemists: those related to the m... Know More

Bachelor Of Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Electrical and Electronics Engineering is a fast growing and most popular engineering Course.Electricity is everywhere and its applications are endless.Many people are working in this field and at this time many jobs are available. It is a discipline that affects almost every area of ??our life, ... Know More

Bachelor of Engineering

Bachelor of Engineering it is a professional degree. B.E degree is awarded to a student who has completed four years course.Diploma holders in engineering are also eligible for entry into B.E.
Student must also have appeared for National level Exam JEE also.job opportunities are available in... Know More

Bachelor of Engineering (Aeronautical )

The Bachelors degree in Aeronautical Engineering is an education course which provides a broad overview of engineering and also a dynamic focus on aeronautical engineering. This field deals with the development of new technology in the field of aviation, space exploration and defense system. this... Know More

Bachelor of Engineering (Bio Medical)

Biomedical Engineering is an opportunity to better human health by unite engineering with biomedical science and clinical practice. We insist on basic knowledge and practical skills. With expertise in biomedical engineering, you will learn how to apply electrical, electronics and system engineeri... Know More

Bachelor of Engineering (Biotechnology)

B.E. biotechnology is an undergraduate biotechnology course .Bachelor of Bachelor Degree in Biotechnology will keep knowledge about a diverse array of topics including physics, chemistry, engineering and biology.Biotechnology Engineering is a conjunction of bio-chemistry, chemistry, genetics ,mic... Know More

Bachelor of Engineering (Chemical)

Chemical engineering involve chemical reactions to create products.
It is a branch of engineering that contains subjects like chemistry, physics, biology, biochemistry, microbiology,mathematics and economics.
Its aimed to designing, manufacturing, produce, transform, develop,transport, ... Know More

Bachelor of Engineering (Civil)

Bachelor of Engineering in Civil Engineering is an undergraduate engineering course.
In civil engineering course  makes a student well trained and responsible for designing a project and planning a project, requirement and maintenance of the project.Civil Engineering degree courses focu... Know More

Bachelor of Engineering (Computer Science)

Bachelor of Computer Science is an undergraduate course related to the software and hardware aspects of computers.Students will learn the computer science principles that are critical to development of software, hardware and networking of computer systems.The duration of the cour... Know More

B.E./B.Tech Mechatronics Engineering

Mechatronics is the integrated  precision of mechanics engineering, electrical and electronics and computer controls. Mechatronics gives us rich knowledge of engineering, such as electrical, electronics, computer science, instrumentation, and control systems. Mechatronics is the integrated c... Know More

Bachelor OF Engineering (Electrical,Electronic Power)

Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical, Electronic Power) - Electrical Engineering is focusing on generation, transmission of electric power, power utility, measurement, control, signal processing. Its curriculum covers all areas of electric engineering fields such as electrical machines, different ... Know More

Bachelor of Engineering (Electronics and Communication)

Bachelor of Engineering-Electronics and Communication Engineering is one of the fastest growing branch of engineering courses.Electronics instrument and products are becoming an important part of our daily lives,this is a traditional and comprehensive-based curriculum,the course concept is to foc... Know More

Bachelor of Engineering (Electronics and Power)

Electronics and Power Engineering - which deals with generation, transmission and distribution of electric power and  which is connected to electrical appliances connected to such systems, including motors, generators and transformers. This course teaches students how to transform the electr... Know More

Bachelor of Engineering (Electronics)

Bachelor of Engineering (Electronics)
These courses offer a very wide range of knowledge and techniques in modern electronic engineering. This program teaches students how to apply electronics technology to design, test and troubleshoot advanced devices and systems.Electronic engineers cont... Know More

Bachelor of Engineering (Information Technology)

Information Technology plays an important role in our modern life.
It has affected on every nature of human life.Information Technology is an engineering division, which concentrates on the study of utilizing computers and telecommunications in order to control, store, gather and circulate i... Know More

Bachelor of Engineering (Instrumentation)

Instrumentation engineering is based on the operation of engineering, expertise and measurement of measuring instruments, which are used in the design and configuration of automated systems in electrical, pneumatic domains etc. They usually work for industries with automated processes such as che... Know More

Bachelor of Engineering (Mining)

Mining engineers design, manufacture and manage surface mines, underground mines and quarries. Mining engineering includes  search, site pricing, mineral extraction. Mining engineers are needed for construction industry, developing roads, railroads, tunnels, and underground chambers, etc...B... Know More

Bachelor of Engineering (Printing and Packaging Technology)

Bachelor of Engineering (Printing and Packaging Technology) Printing and Packaging Engineer is responsible for design, verification and packaging materials, packaging equipment, printing and implementation of systems. The assessment of this course is to understand the essential aspects and concep... Know More

Bachelor of Engineering (Production)

Production Engineering is made up of manufacturing technology and management science.Production engineers have creative minds and thoughts of thinking overall. They focus not only on products but also focusing on the development of whole production process and production systems.... Know More

Bachelor of Engineering (Textile)

Bachelor of Engineering (Textile) is one of the important and oldest branch of engineering Where the principles of scientific technique are used for manufacturing and development.The definition of a textile engineer is that he has taken basic training in engineering, in which kno... Know More

B.E./B.Tech (Computer Engineering)

Computer  Engineering program. It is a popular branch in students .those student have interested in software development, programming and have well knowledge in computer science and have good analytical skills may get admission for this course.
and offers proper job opportunities after ... Know More

Bachelor Of Engineering (Electronics and Telecommunication)

Electronic & Telecommunication graduates find wide opportunities in today's growing communications period.The career paths followed are diverse ranging from electronic product design to Bigger electrical plant maintenance, from research to production, from technical focus to customer focus.Know More

Bachelor of Technology

Bachelor of Technology prepares students for a career in undergraduate programs that seem easy but difficult in a broad field of technology. This program is designed to provide the necessary communication and interpersonal skills to take technologists and technicians in a leaders... Know More

Bachelor of Technology (Agricultural Engineering)

B.Tech Agricultural Engineering is a undergraduate course in Engineering. The curriculum study incorporates various aspects in the design and construction of agricultural machinery and allied equipment.Its aim is to produce professionals with the potential of innovation and entrepreneurial abilit... Know More

Bachelor of Technology (Food Science)

The Food industry is the world's largest industry and requires highly-well trained professionals to secure food storage, quality and safety. The study of food science and technology involves the use of basic science and latest developments, preparing meals, processing and packaging from the field... Know More

Bachelor of Technology (Food Technology)

Bachelor of Food Technology will provide you with uninterrupted careers in the field of Food Science and Technology. As a food technologist, you will study the physical, microbiological and chemical formation of food.This program prepares students with the necessary expertise in scientific manage... Know More

Bachelor of Technology CIVIL ENGG.

Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech.) in Civil engineering is one of the oldest engineering disciplines in the world. India has been a developing country and one of the fastest growing economies has made wide scope for civil engineers. B.Tech.Civil engineering degree courses focus on planning and desi... Know More

B.Tech Nanotechnology

Nanotechnology - Science of miniature Science, and Future Techniques - is one of the most exciting and widespread areas of research that has become the reason for the greatest technological advance of the 21st century. Nanotechnology is the field of science and technology of deve... Know More

B. Tech Electronics and Telecommunication Engg.

Bachelor of Technology in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering is a four year bachelor's degree course. There is a minimum qualification (10 + 2) with subjects like Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry and Computer . Electronics and telecommunication engineering is connected to analog and dig... Know More

Bachelor of Technology Information Technology

B.Tech Information Technology is a graduate educational degree  focuses primarily on computer and technology. This is usually a 4 year course and undergraduate level program.The minimum eligibility required for this course is 10 + 2 from an intermediate or recognized board o... Know More

B. Tech. Petrochemical Engineering

Bachelor of Technology in Petrochemical Technology This is a bachelor's degree course in engineering. Career in this field is attractive and challenging. This program attempts to develop individuals specializing in petrochemical, petroleum refining and other related fields. Petroleum engineers se... Know More

Bachelor of Technology (Electroncis Engg.)

Electronics technology program starts with the basic concepts of electronics and provides the necessary basis for moving forward in the desired special area.The course disclose students to basic skills through modern electronics theory and applications.Graduate students will be able to use the sk... Know More

Bachelor of Technology (Electrical)

The 4 year Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech Electrical) course.Develop expertise for career as an Electrical Engineer and explore subjects including engineering Mechanics, computing, mathematics, professional practice. Electrical engineers keep the power running for businesses and our world. Electr... Know More

Bachelor of Technology (Mechanical)

Bachelor of Technology (Mechanical)  degree program is professionally oriented and structured. During the program, you will work on project topics in close collaboration with industrial, automation, energy and environment companies.Mechanical Engineering, which prepares students for business... Know More

Bachelor of Technology (Production)

B.Tech Production Engineering is a graduate course. Production is a mixture of manufacturing technology with engineering management. Integrated systems include design, control, improvement to provide customers in production engineering. At a time, high quality goods and services cost-effective.Th... Know More

B. Tech Fibres and Textile Processing Technology

The curriculum includes the study of chemistry and fiber manufacturing, their chemical processing such as bleaching, dyeing, printing and finishing. In addition to the study of chemistry, various types of chemicals, pigments, thickness applications, textile fabrics and fabrics are used in chemica... Know More

Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering branch is one of the oldest and core branches of Engineering.which deals with the study and application of electricity, electronics, and electromagnetism.In today, electrical engineering is not only involved in electrical appliances, but also involves in electronics, comput... Know More

B. Tech Fire & Safety Engineering

Fire and safety engineering explores various methods of preventing fire and protecting the environment. It also includes a comprehensive study of topics. It wants to provide an easy way to design buildings and facilities for life protection and property conservation. This is a very dangerous busi... Know More

B.Tech.Instrumentation Control Engineering

Instrumentation and Control Engineering - This course will prepare you to Design, install, calibrate, maintain, service, test, troubleshoot, analyze and measure and control the equipment, which is equipped with processing industries.
With the practical skills in instrumentat... Know More

Rubber Technology

Rubber Technology - This course provides students with sound introduction to rubber materials and their properties, which include mixing of rubber compounds and products that meet testing, product and mold design and material selection and properties. Assessment of mechanical pro... Know More

B.Tech Planning

B.Tech planning (Urban & Regional Planning) is people oriented and future oriented course. Its future is full of opportunities ,money and challenges. BTech's Planning curriculum includes urban economics, sociology legislation, development theory, politics, transport, services, housing, landsc... Know More

Metallurgical Engg

Metallurgical engineering  is a faculty of materials science and engineering which studies the physical and chemical conduct of metallic elements, their inter-metallic compounds, and their mixtures, which are known as alloys. Metallurgical Engineering is also the technology of metals.In mode... Know More

B.Tech Genetic Engineering

Genetic engineering therapy, manipulation of an organism genome to advance medicine, healthcare, agriculture. You can consider genetic engineering as a subset of biotechnology. Genetic engineering is related to the study of animals as well as plant genes. With the hope of changing biological and ... Know More

Paper and Pulp Technology

Paper and Pulp Engineering is a Bachelor's Degree in Engineering (BE). The  course lays sufficient emphasis on basic principles and applications of chemical engineering and basic science in Paper and Pulp production. Since this course is a unique industry-oriented program, students are exhib... Know More

B.E. Mechanical Engineering(Automotive)

B.E. Mechanical Engineering (Automotive) - Who want to make a career as a professional automotive engineer in the automotive sector. In this course you will learn to analyze engineering systems and learn expert skills and knowledge to pursue a successful career in the automotive sector. In the co... Know More